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Luxembourg City (by Joxmox)

Sark, Guernsey, UK (by Guernsey Kestrel)

Cassis, France (by Alphagard)
Excited to be going back to Paris again this week
Can we go back soon @joefaul? 
(via allthingseurope / Montmartre on a rainy day by Julie70)
Window, a photo from Rajasthan, West | TrekEarth (Via handa)
I love cured meats. Fact. 
We are hoping to squeeze in a couple of days in Seattle during our Vancouver trip and the boy found out that we could get some real good cured meats there. This is going to be one hell of a trip! 
I really want to visit Istanbul. Hopefully my first holiday early this year. 

Istanbul through an iPhone lens
I want to go back to Paris next year. 

Rue De Chevalier De La Barre, Paris
(by De Vetpan)